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Streamer Stash


A modern take on the classic streamer wallet, the Streamer Stash holds dozens of streamers - more than enough for a day on the water. The compact, lightweight design. and added utility loop makes the Streamer Stash perfect to throw in your pack or connect to your waders or belt via a Square 'Biner. Designed to keep streamer fishing simple.

Product Specs & Features


Designed and Manufactured in the USA

When we were originally sketching out the design for the Streamer Stash, it only felt right for this thing to be manufactured in the USA, using domestically-sourced materials. There's nothing more American than catching big brown trout on streamers.

Luckily for us, we found a source for the perfect shearling wool down in Texas. When we say perfect, we really mean it—the shearling releases streamer hooks just as easy as it grabs them. Combine that with bombproof X-Pac, and you have a modern version of the old leather streamer wallet, manufactured right here in Colorado.

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