Simple, Functional Outdoor Gear

Yakoda was born on excursions to rivers and streams throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. During our time on the water, we realized that some of our equipment was over-engineered for our purposes—that a piece of gear with technical specs for a weeks-long expedition to Kamchatka is overkill when you’re driving four hours to Wyoming on a Tuesday. Overkill for the wallet, and even a seasoned guide on most days.

Our Mission—

Simple, well designed products that complement and improve your time outdoors and fly fishing experiences, and that leave gas money in your wallet. We're constantly prototyping and testing new products with these principles in mind.

Workmanship Pledge

Quality is our highest priority—we want you to be stoked on everything that bears our name. Our products are built to last and we will repair or replace anything that is defective or fails due to regular use.

Born in Colorado

The Yakoda Story

Giving Back

We proudly give 1% of our sales back to organizations supporting access to public lands.