Shop Saturdays—The Fly Box

Shop Saturdays—The Fly Box

The Fly Box
Bristol, Tennessee

Take a full-service fly shop, rotating beers on tap, and a badass deli. Put them all together and you get The Fly Box—sandwiches, beer, and fly fishing…bliss. 



In 2021, Jonathan Neyman, his wife Chelsia, and his son Forrest brought their dreams of a great local fly shop to life near their SOHO home water. Their tight-knit crew are great to swap stories with and it was a pleasure to get to know them a little better at the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show this year.



In addition to everything they offer on location, The Fly Box runs float trips on the South Holston and Watauga Rivers in northeastern Tennessee. If you’re looking to escape the technical fishing and crowds of the tailwaters, they also offer guided wade trips on small mountain streams. These walk-and-wade trips offer a unique opportunity to experience brookies in their natural habitat in some of the best pocket water the Eastern Tennessee mountains offer. 



A strong community of local anglers has gravitated to the shop. The Fly Box staff puts together educational courses, monthly events, and an approachable atmosphere for everyone—new and experienced. 

If you’re not following @theflyboxtn, you should check them out. Guide—and badass creator—Jacob Cervantes, does a great job documenting trips with their clients, the shop’s culture, and some really good product reviews and educational content.

Also check out for more information about the shop and be sure to stop in and check it out in person if you’re in the Holston Valley.