Fly Spotlight—The Yakoda Opal Annelid

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Annelid is just a fancy word for a worm, aka trout bacon. They’re in the water year-round and they get dislodged in big numbers when the flows kick up. This pattern has some extra bling and has proven to be an efficient producer of many fish. Spun up in just a few minutes, this is an incredibly effective pattern for how easy it is to tie. We decided to whip it up in pink, but you can tie it in just about any color you desire, for an all-season addition to your favorite tin. Watch the video for the full process. Ingredients listed below.


  • Up - Eye Scud Hook
  • UTC 70D Thread - Purple/Red/Fl Pink (shown)
  • Opal Mirage Tinsel - Medium
  • Thin UV Clear Fly Finish
  • A little love