The Yakoda Crakleback Midge

The Yakoda Crakleback Midge

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The Crackleback Midge was born during a fall trip to Wyoming, when the hatches were so ridiculous that it still makes us smile. Since then, this fly has become our go-to pattern during the colder months when fish rely more heavily on midges as a food source. More specifically, it mimics emerging midges anxiously battling to escape their shuck. It is highly effective in a wide array of colors—black, gray, and camel, to name a few—and has been piercing lips for our crew consistently for many years. Fishing it as your point fly or the trailer on your rig is equally productive. Switch up your size and colors when the hatch is hot until you dial in what the fish are keying in on.


Gray Crackleback: 

Standard Scud Hook/Emerger Hook 

Appropriate size tungsten bead

Uni 6/0 Gray/Black/Camel Thread

Silver Brassy Wire

Krystal Flash Pearl

Hairline Dubbin Dark Hares Ear