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Stillwater Tin



Ice off season is here and these 32 flies are proven performers from plains lakes to the high country.  If you’ve been wanting to target hungry cutthroats, golden trout, brookies, and grayling this box is a great starting point. More than half these bugs are Yakoda exclusives while the rest are staples that everyone’s summer fly box should have.  

The Stillwater Tin

The Stillwater Box is a limited edition, packed fly tin that has everything you need for catching fish on alpine lakes, ponds and high-country creeks this summer.

1. Yakoda Classic Beadhead Bugger 

(1x) Black #10

(1x) Black #12

(1x) Olive #10

(1x) Olive #12

2. Swimming Beetle - Black

(2x) #12

(2x) #14

3. Yakoda Little Leech 

  (2x) Black #16

  (2x) Purple #16

  (2x) Olive #16

4. Classic Rusty Buzzer

(2x) #14

5. Yakoda Crystal Chironomid Larvae 

(1x) #14

(1x) #16

6. Yakoda Crystal Chironomid Pupae

(2x) #14

7. Yakoda Green Machine 

(2x) #16

(2x) #18

8. Griffith's Gnat

(2x) #16

(2x) #18

9. Elk Hair Caddis - Black

(2x) #14

(2x) #16

The Stillwater Tin Includes

(x1) Yakoda Slim Tin

(x10) Leeches & Buggers

(x12) Dry Flies

(x10) Nymphs & Chironimids

A do-it-all box for the summer. 32 flies packed in a Yakoda Slim Tin  for targeting brook trout, high country cutthroat, grayling, and other species that live in high country and plains lakes and ponds.

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