"Damn Good Nippers"

  • Replaceable carbide steel blades
  • CNC-machined, lightweight aluminum body
  • 5mm wide-gap hook eye cleaner
  • Three finishes to choose from

Why do I need these nippers?

  • They're the most affordable nippers with replaceable parts—blades, spring, and hardware—on the market
  • They easily cut everything from 7x tippet to 50 lb monofilament with a widened blade surface
  • Quality nippers are a good investment—they're one of the most frequently used tools in your fly fishing kit

Guide Review:


As an avid angler that spends 100+ days a year on the water, it was not until I got these that I realized just how important a good set of nippers really is. I have only ever used nippers that are <$10, but this weekend that changed forever.