Shop Saturdays—Rocky Mountain Anglers

Shop Saturdays—Rocky Mountain Anglers

Rocky Mountain Anglers
Boulder, Colorado

Hitting closer to home than any other shop, Rocky Mountain Anglers is our local fly shop and an important part of Yakoda’s story. Located in the heart of Boulder, RMA—as the locals call it—has been supporting the Front Range fly fishing community since 1989. Collectively, the staff provides a wealth of knowledge and resources to the surrounding area, with intro to fly fishing courses, private lessons, guided trips, and an iconic storefront packed full of flies and gear to keep anglers on the water year-round.



Yakoda Supply co-founders Jason and Justin met each other on a fishing trip hosted by RMA owner and local legend Randy Hicks and Randy has been a wealth of knowledge for us as we continue to grow and find our way in the fly fishing industry. His love for the sport and eagerness to share his passion with others—especially beginners—has educated and influenced thousands of anglers over the years. RMA is a perfect example of the power of community that fly shops create and foster around the world.

A few years ago we made a short film with Randy called 'What's Your Why'. Take a minute to sit back, relax, and reflect on the powerful words and inspirational message from a seasoned angler and all around good guy.


"Time spent on the water can hold something for everybody. For me, I enjoy sharing. That's sort of what makes me tick."

—Randy Hicks