Q3 2023 Quarterly Fly Club

Q3 2023 Quarterly Fly Club

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Late summer is a great time to be on the water as warm days and cooler nights begin to produce temperature swings that trigger trout to feed a bit more aggressively in preparation for the colder months. Though trout are still looking up for their meals, this quarter’s bug selection is purposely picked to target them throughout the water column.
1. Burgin Bugger—Halloween #6
2. Burgin Bugger—Olive #6
3. TJ Hooker—Peacock #10
4. Yakoda Purple Reign Soft Hackle—#14
5. Chuby Chernobyl—Grey/Tan, #12
6. Quill Body Angel Case Nymph—Brown, #16
7. Yakoda QB Butano—#16
8. G.B.F. Para-Wulff—Diablo, #16
9. Beadhead Caddis Pupa—Hare's Ear, #14
10. Soft Hackle PT—#16
11. Polywing Spinner—Male Trico, #20


The Chubby Chernobly hopper is one of the all time best terrestrial patterns. It’s durable, floats great, and is capable of suspending heavier nymphs when fishing a dry dropper rig. Our new Purple Reign Soft Hackle and QB Butano are perfect nymphs to tie under the Chernobly Hopper. We’ve been fishing these flies under big dries for a while and both absolutely hammer fish. Try tying them 24-36” under the dry fly—a little further down than you were probably taught.

For the dry fly purist, pair up the Chubby with the Para Wulff as your trailer. Similar to a dry dropper with a big fly up top, if the fish don’t like the big dry, they’ll likely eat the small one.  The same holds true if you decide to fish the Para Wulff as your point fly, just trail it with the smaller Polywing Spinner.     

When the temperatures really start to cool down, triggering trout to eat hard, streamer fishing should be on your radar. The Halloween Bugger in late fall matches the colors of the season—a good way to trigger bigger browns—while the Olive Bugger is something you can toss just about anytime and anywhere.  

Any of the other flies in this quarter’s selection are good options below a dry or as part of a nymph rig. Fishing is all about experimentation so be sure to mix it up and toss the flies that feel right. With a nice blend of natural and attractor patterns, this batch of flies should set you up for success wherever you decide to fish.

Thanks as always for being a QFC subscriber. Have fun out there and we look forward to hearing about it!