Q1 2024 Quarterly Fly Club

Q1 2024 Quarterly Fly Club

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In our opinion, spring is the most exciting time of the year to fish. As winter subsides we welcome warmer temperatures and longer days ahead. This seasonal change also triggers the cyclical movement of hungry rainbow trout as they move out of lakes and reservoirs around the country where they hunker down during the winter. The best things about spring fishing are getting back to bigger flies, bigger tippet, and bigger numbers of fish that can be caught. 

1. Yakoda Balanced Leech—Rust & Brown #10
2. Parachute Callibeatis—#14
3. Stimulator—Royal #12
4. Yakoda ODW
5. Beadhead Rubberleg Stone—#10
6. X-Caddis—#16
7. Clown Egg—#12
8. Yakoda Funky P—#16
9. Beadhead Sparkle Pupa—#16
10. Tungsten Beadhead Rubberlegs Sassi's solution—#18

Like every spring, we’ve put together a selection of flies that rainbows and browns will be keying in on. As water levels rise, river mainstays like stoneflies, caddis larva, and annelids (worms) get dislodged from the river bed and become easy meals. As rainbows begin to spawn, eggs will be on the menu for fish downstream from spawning beds. The Yakoda ODW combines an egg and an annelid, making for a highly productive pattern, while the tried and true Clown Egg is a fly you can always rely on when nothing else seems to be working. Pairing up the Beadhead Rubberleg Stone as a point fly with either the ODW or Clown egg will absolutely put fish in the net.

Caddis flies in their various forms become very active as the water temperatures begin to increase. One of our favorite new patterns, the Yakoda Funky P, perfectly imitates an emerging caddis pattern. Paired with a heavy tungsten bead, this fly gets down quickly. Try pairing it with a Bead Head Sparkle Pupa or Yakoda Balanced Leech. 

If you’re dying to toss a dry fly on those warmer days, we’ve got you covered. The Royal Stimulator is a perfect fly to fish early in the season, as it can suspend a good sized nymph below it. Take turns trying the smaller Tungsten BH Rubberleg Sassi’s Solution or either of the caddis patterns mentioned above. Should you be lucky enough to see fish rising, tie on either of the other dry flies behind the Stimulator to maximize your chances to hook up.

Have fun out there and thank you for being a Yakoda QFC subscriber. We hope these purposefully selected flies and fishing tips make a difference during your time on the water this spring.