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Packed Fly Tin—2021 Q4


This Fly Tin comes loaded with 20 flies from Montana Fly Company, including one original Yakoda pattern. Originally shipped as the fourth box for our Quarterly Fly Tin subscription in 2021, these bugs will fish well year-round.


(2x) Jake's Rubber Eggs

(2x) Yakoda Beadhead Bugger

(2x) Beadhead Leech

(2x) Silverman's Sparkle Worm

(2x) Trina's Montana Prince

(2x) Theo's N Platte Emerger

(2x) Disco Midge

(2x) Duane's Beadhead Buttcrack Baetis

(2x) Snowshoe Emerger

(2x) Beadhead Softhackle PT

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