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Introducing Yakoda Supply

Posted by Daniel Storch on

Born on the rivers and streams of Colorado's front range. Yakoda Supply is based in Boulder, Colorado. Our home waters are minutes away from the office and during the summer months you'll find us there throwing dries, chasing trout and the setting sun. During the winter we're still out there, but usually a little further from home exploring the incredible tailwaters throughout the state.

We love fishing and enjoy the community it encourages. We get to the water whenever we can, even when we should be working... During our time on the water, we realized that some of our gear was over-engineered for our purposes. So we experimented, prototyped, and tested our way to a cache of simple, durable products we knew would fill the gaps missing from our experience.

Our first product, the Drifter Gear Transport launches soon and will be available online at It's an 87 liter open-topped carry-all bag that weighs only a pound. Assembled in the U.S.A. from a handful of durable materials, each selected for a specific purpose, the Drifter embodies our ethos: make simple, high-quality gear for local excursions and week-long adventures, all while keeping that gas money in your wallet.

We are stoked to bring this product to you and incredibly excited at the journey ahead. As we all know, if you want it, you've got to rise early and wade for it.

- The Yakoda Team